Everything You Need to Know About Campaigns

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May 13, 2024
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Everything You Need to Know About Campaigns


  1. Head over to callchimp.ai/campaigns/new to create a new campaign

  2. Select a campaign type and phone number.

  3. Set up scripts / audio files according to campaign type.


Campaigns are the crux of placing your AI-generated calls with callchimp.ai. A campaign provides a wrapper for your entire operation which can connect you with multiple customers using a single script.

Callchimp offers users with 3 different types of campaigns.

  1. Dial AI campaign: The user provides a script that the AI will follow while conversing with customers.

  2. Outbound Blast campaign: Upload a call recording that customers are intended to hear when they pickup the call.

  3. Transactional campaign: These campaigns follow the same script with the only changes being in a few details which are different for each customer. Imagine a transactional message, but over the phone!

Set up a DIAL AI campaign

Step 1: Create a DIAL AI campaign

DIAL AI campaign uses special and finely-tuned LLMs along with various AI tools to have human-like conversations with leads. To get started with a DIAL AI campaign, head over to callchimp.ai/campaigns/new and select "DIAL AI" in the campaign type.

Select amongst the provided phone numbers to continue onto the next step.

DIAL AI campaign comes with additional features such as selecting AI Agent voice and others. Choose from a wide range of voices available for all customers.
The selected voice will be applied to all calls in the created campaign.

πŸ’‘ Voice named Ravinder has the highest hits amongst existing Indian customers and has increased conversion rates significantly !

Click on the Create button to finish the first step!

Step 2: Select a script

Once the campaign has been created, the page automatically redirects to a details page. Head over to the scripts tab to select a script.

The selected script's content can be previewed on the right box.

Click on Update to set the script for the particular DIAL AI campaign.

πŸ’‘The AI agent will strictly only follow the selected script for calling. Anything unavailable there will be considered out of context.

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And that is how a DIAL AI campaign can be set up on Callchimp.

Set up an OUTBOUND BLAST campaign

Blast campaigns dial customers and playback a pre-uploaded audio file to leads.

Step 1: Create an Outbound Blast campaign

Head over to callchimp.ai/campaigns/new and select Outbound Blast in the campaign type.

Step 2: Upload an audio file

Once the page redirects, click on the Blast File tab to handle audio files.

Callchimp provides features for either uploading an audio file or recording one live.

Once an audio file/recording has been finalized, click on Save to update the audio file.

The outbound blast campaign is now ready to serve.

Set up a TRANSACTIONAL campaign

A transactional call is any call that comprises information sent by a registered firm to its workers, agents, or customers regarding services or items that will be delivered to those customers.

A transactional campaign enables us to place these calls to leads.

Step 1: Create a Transactional campaign

Head over to callchimp.ai/campaigns/new and select Transactional in the campaign type.

Click on the Create button to proceed forward.

Step 2: Write a transactional script

Once the page redirects, click on the Scripts tab to create the transaction template.

πŸ’‘ Transaction variables need to be enclosed in curly brackets and no spaces in order to work e.g. βœ… {first_name} ❌{first name} ❌ first_name ❌ (first_name)

A sample transactional script might look like this:

Hello {first_name}, this is a call from ChimpMart to confirm your purchase for {product_name} , costing Rupees {product_price}. The order was placed at {order_date}. Can you please confirm if you'd like to continue with the order?

Click on Save to finish setting up the transaction template

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