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Enhancing telecommunication with Gen AI-driven bulk calling. Scalable, user-friendly, and customizable. Optimized for seamless integration and usability.

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Avoid burnout and poor
customer experience.

  • Managing every single employee
  • High changes of human errors
  • Financially difficult
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Better automation
more capacity

  • Managing only campaigns
  • Near zero chances of human errors
  • Can easily place 120k calls per day
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Intelligence is at the core of everything we do

Callchimp is made for those who love intelligence. The platform is built AI at the core of its philosophy.

Automate phone calls with AI inbound and outbound phone calls with hyper realistic AI that is smart and sounds natural.

Faster. Smarter.

Callchimp transcends the ordinary, delivering unmatched speed and AI-powered smart solutions in bulk calling.


Calls placed bi-monthly. Callchimp offers the gold standard in AI-driven communication


Call placement rate. Calls placed with Callchimp have better placement rates.


Seamless, safe, and secure. Callchimp offers the gold standard in AI-driven communication

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Leading Features of the Smartest AI Dialer

Callchimp transcends the ordinary, delivering unmatched speed and AI-powered smart solutions in bulk calling.

Marketing Growth

Sales Calls, Conversion rates, Customer Satisfaction, Brand Awareness.

Cost Effective

1/4th of cost compared to traditional ways of communication via human efforts.


Efficiently manage your customer interactions using Callchimp's streamlined operations.


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Callchimp's plug-and-play design requires no setup or installation. Just log in and start using the service instantly, saving time and resources for critical tasks.

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Absolutely thrilled with Callchimp.ai! It's become more than a tool; it's our communication ally. The human-like voices and swift blast calling feature have made a significant impact on our day-to-day. We've used it long-term, and satisfied due to their consistent updates that cater to our ever-evolving needs. This platform has woven seamlessly into our workflow, an indispensable part of our daily routine. Kudos to Callchimp.ai for its adaptability and impressive functionality. It's not just a service; it's a trusted teammate in our work journey!

Prem Jaiswal,

Prem Jaiswal


Calls per quarter

O2 startups

Over the past few months, our experience with callchimp.ai has been nothing short of exceptional. The platform's robust features and intuitive interface have significantly enhanced our work performance. The support team deserves a special mention for their relentless dedication and swift responses. Their assistance has been pivotal in helping us navigate through the platform. In a nutshell, callchimp.ai is the epitome of superior technology paired with remarkable customer service. Highly recommended!

Rajesh Ranjan,

Rajesh Ranjan


Increase in sales

How it works

More Than a Call Center

Experience the control center of connectivity with our intuitive dashboard! Get all the crucial details in one place and oversee the magic as it unfolds - all in real-time. Plus, with our unique sentiment analysis feature, you can tap into the human element.

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Read our blog to understand how the use of callchimp AI would revolutionize your business and take your numbers higher!

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With Callchimp, steer your business communication the way you want with our trend-setting, AI bulk calling system.

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