Hello World

Anubhav Singh@xprilion
Aug 4, 2021
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Hello World

A hello world post, as standard as they come.

After a very traditional start to this blog entry, let me quickly introduce this space to you.

This blog is created with the goal to capture the little happenings at Dynopii in its journey to redefine the way people all over the world communicate. A lot happens at Dynopii every day which we're unable to record, thanks to our remote-only setup. Hence, the need for this blog was felt for the team to be able to put into the public domain their learnings and wisdom acquired while facing the many small and big challenges they take up at Dynopii.

Dynopii itself was born out of a lofty goal in a technological space already well occupied by giants. Artificial Intelligence on voice in itself isn't a very new idea. However, if you were to rake your brain and the Internet, you'll find a limited number of applications for AI in the voice domain.

Some are creating transcriptions, some are translating it to several languages, some are using it for authentication and some are detecting sentiment from your voice. Forgive me if I fail to mention some more exciting ways AI has been applied to voices.

Dynopii's flagship product Dhwani tackles a whole new branch of voice AI - accent conversion. And if this wasn't challenging enough, we decided it should be done in real-time.

When in mid of November 2020 we zeroed upon the issues faced every day by people all over the world due to mismatch of voice accents, we had little idea that this venture will take a shape of the size it is today. Initially, it was just three techie friends trying to build a small patch to the communication systems of the world. And then, in no time we were a part of the Hacker Fellowship by Backend Capital in Taiwan.

By July 2021 we had raised a half-million-dollar fund from some amazing investors and had expanded to a team of 9 brilliant folks. This was when we realized that much was happening at Dynopii which needed to go down into the mega archive called "the Internet". This blog was naturally the platform where we decided to put up our stories.

As I re-iterate the fact that there are several stories waiting to be told, I hope to bring to you in the future as many of them as possible. Sometimes, we might be talking about what we've built and other times we'll simply talk about things we've learned. Further, at times we shall talk about the highs and lows that Dynopii sees in due course of time.

Hopefully, this blog will go down as a happy memoir. Like every long developer journey that started with two words, we start and end this first entry of this blog with those very two words - hello world!

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