Call Analytics

Transform Your Call Data into Strategic Business Insights

Handle Your Call Data with Precision and Insights

Optimize Campaigns and Drive Growth with Advanced AI Call Analytics

With Better Data,
Make Best Decisions

In-Depth Campaign Analysis

Get detailed reports on the performance of your calling campaigns, including key metrics like conversion rates, call durations, and engagement levels. Spot recurring themes and trends for future strategies and maximize marketing ROI.

Advanced Reporting

Tailor reports to your specific business needs, focusing on metrics that matter most to you.

Visual Dashboards

Access intuitive dashboards that provide a clear overview of your call data, making it easy to understand and act upon. Easily integrate your call data with existing CRM and analytics tools for a unified data experience.

How call analytics help your business

Business Intelligence

Gain insights into how your business is performing against competitors by analyzing industry benchmarks and call data.

Customer insights

Understand customer behavior and preferences to enhance your service and product offerings.

Improved ROI

Maximize your return on investment by targeting the right areas for growth.


What call analytics offers

Conversational AI

Auto Transcribing

Auto Speech Recognition

Text Extraction And summarization

Document Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Text-to-speech and Speech-to-text

Audio Emotion Analysis

Insights for better operational efficiency

Callchimp empowers teams to summarize, act on conversational data within one platform, improving operational efficiencies with easy and intuitive feedback loops.

conversational intelligence
Better Business Decision Making

Better Business Decision Making

Optimize your call strategies and improve operational efficiency.

Maximize your return on investment by targeting the right areas for growth.

Make informed decisions based on real-time data insights.

Transform your Conversational Data

Capture useful insights from extensive call databases

Eliminate ambiguities

Deliver contextual analysis of millions of calls for enhanced optimization

Perform automated follow-up / actions depending on analysis results

Better Business Decision Making

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