Conversational AI Calling Solution for Healthcare

Boost patient engagement and effectively address staff shortages using our compliant conversational AI, meticulously engineered to cater specifically to the unique needs of healthcare systems.

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care, every time

Elevate the patient journey

Streamline interactions across the entire patient journey.

Transform patient outcomes

Empower your teams by providing them with advanced tools that are designed to deliver meaningful and impactful outcomes for your patients' health and well-being.

Personalized care, made simple

Leverage AI-powered insights that ensure the best possible patient engagements over time.

Every instance, prioritize patient care

Enhance patient experience

Engage patients across platforms and steer them towards vital digital services.

Tackle staffing hurdles

Improve efficiency by automating routine tasks, allowing your team to focus on intricate cases.

Delegate repetitive calls

Use CallChimp's automation to manage routine call center traffic. Efficiently route calls, resolve issues quickly, and prevent staff burnout.

Real-time support

Enhance agent performance with triggered pop-ups offering guided workflows, best practices, and key talking points.

Patient satisfaction

Gather feedback after every patient interaction and gauge success instantly using AI-driven CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score).

Sentiment analysis

Employ AI to promptly detect negative sentiment or distress and take proactive steps to address patient needs.

Digital self-service

Enable patients with digital self-service options for appointment scheduling and other needs.


Seamlessly integrate with productivity applications, CRM, and other record systems to streamline workflows.

Reporting and analytics

Obtain actionable insights into healthcare agent performance and operational efficiency.

Conversational Intelligence

Discover exceptional patient insights automatically. Get actionable insights from patient journey analytics reviewing top keywords and trends, patient engagement metrics, knowledge gaps and more.

CallChimp allows you to

  • Deploy within hours, not days.
  • Reduce resources needed to launch and manage interfaces.
  • Adapt to new use cases and channels smoothly.

CallChimp ensures you

  • Identify trends and set alerts in real-time.
  • Upgrade digital optimization and care delivery based on data.
  • Generate value-added insight reports suited for internal circulation.

Automation of Insurance.

With modern digital offerings, you can transform the path of policyholders. Easily improve client experience, optimise self-service access, and raise engagement metrics.

Over 70% of inbound questions are resolved or diverted.

By freeing up resources, the focus shifts to more complex cases.

Reduce consumer friction and shorten wait times.


Callhchimp's AI Suite For Healthcare

Leverage our AI to automate routine tasks

Call Broadcasting:

Patients can effortlessly receive appointment reminders, medication alerts or general healthcare announcements.


AI-powered inbound and outbound calls that offer a responsive and versatile assistant to help patients, round the clock. Patients can converse with AI, and get their queries resolved in no time.

Campaign Supervisor:

Quickly connect patients with the right staff member, and ensure no calls ever get unanswered.

Multilingual Support:

Break down language barriers in healthcare communication, assisting patients in their preferred language.


Patients receive immediate, up-to-date answers to their frequently asked questions.

Zero Cost Setup & User-friendly interface:

Deployment is free of cost, quick, and requires no additional training.

Redefine the standard of patient care with

Boost patient experience and escalate your operations with CallChimp – redefining communication for the healthcare industry.

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