Inbound AI

Let AI handle incoming call queries

Handle your phone calls 24/7 with human-like voices and intelligent speech detection for realistic customer interactions

Smart AI,
Happier Customers

Work Smarter

This automation allows your team to allocate their time and energy to strategic initiatives and tasks that require human creativity and problem-solving skills.

Introduce Hyper Personalization

By utilizing real-time analytics and insights, these systems can track and analyze the outcomes of customer interactions, including sentiment analysis and call dispositions.

Service Outcome Optimization

As a result, you can achieve higher customer satisfaction levels, improve retention rates, and drive long-term business success.

What Inbound AI offers

Prompt Assistance to Customers

Offer customers quick replies to queries regarding your products from the data you provide.

Feedback Analysis

Leverage AI-driven metrics to gather feedback post each interaction, enabling swift analysis and optimization of customer requirements.

Self-Service Queries

Provide customers with digital self-service choices for inquiries, resource access, best practices and help .

Inbound AI call

Empower customers to self-serve and skip queues

Offload non critical queries to an inbound AI Agent who will read through your company resources and reply with the best and correct answer.

Eliminate long hold times and customer frustration with a frictionless path to resolution

Support customer goal completion with relevant resources, instructions and links

How inbound AI works

Break free from 1 by 1 phone calls with our AI phone multitasking agents. Save thousands on human agents while responding faster, converting more clients & offering 24/7 availability.

inbound routing
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Create and manage Inbound Agents within 60 seconds

An inbound type campaign automatically creates an agent for you to be connected with.

Choose from a wide rangee of voices and select the best suited for your requirements.

Train your Inbound agent on your own data with scripts

Train your agents with customized script to refer to and answer queries fast and effectively.

You dictate the call flow and response types for your agent to refer and communicate better with customers.

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AI Agents vs Human Agents

Offload repititive tasks to AI Agents. Cut down wait times and solve problems fast. Juggle multiple customers at once.

tired call center employee working

Traditional costly
human agents

  • Lack of 24/7 Availability

  • High Operational Costs

  • Missed Sales Opportunities

  • Inconsistent Customer Experience

smart Inbound Calls with AI routing Callchimp

Human-like AI
inbound agents

  • 24/7 Availability

  • High Throughput Solution

  • Maximized Sales Opportunities

  • Improved Customer Experience

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